Building the Future Truck Together

Our team is revolutionizing the freight transportation industry with the most advanced zero emission, battery-electric, heavy truck ever created.

Our Mission

A Leader in Zero
Environmental Impact

At Terraline, it is our mission to be the leader in producing zero environmental impact freight transportation vehicles. We’re doing this by creating, investing in, and supporting an innovative, sustainable, and ethical production process.

Our story

Creating a Better Truck Cultivating a Better Future

Collectively, our experience covers over 20 vehicles on the road today, most notably the Tesla Semi and the Waymo Via Heavy Truck. More than that, our team has worked on every Tesla, Rivian, and Waymo vehicle. We have seen the electric vehicle industry grow from its beginnings to some of the most successful automobile companies ever.

We created a collective mission in the fall of 2021 as we knew from experience that retrofitting zero emission technology into existing medium and heavy duty trucks would never achieve the distance and commercial viability that fleet owners need today to become zero emissions.

“The urgency around decarbonization is greater than ever and innovation in transportation will only continue to accelerate following recent incentives from the Inflation Reduction Act, which benefit the manufacturing of sustainable transport solutions. At Terraline, we believe in showing, not telling when it comes to progressing our clean sheet battery-electric Class 8 trucks. We’ve brought together a remarkable team to do just that and look forward to the important work ahead of us as we continue building the trucks of the future. “

Graham Doorley

Founder & CEO

Our People

We call ourselves Terrans, inspired by various sci-fi properties that showcase a united humanity. We’re optimistic about the future of our home. Everyday we’re striving to build a better planet by accelerating the production, adoption, and use of electric vehicles in freight, logistics, and other heavy vehicle industries. We know the impact diesel trucks have on our planet today and we’re here to change that for the better.

Graham Doorley ∖

Founder & CEO

Andreas Bauer ∖

VP of Engineering

Eric Canonage ∖

VP of Product

Braden Adcock ∖

Sr Mechanical Engineer

Christopher Doorley ∖

Dir of Marketing & Communications

Grant Smith ∖

Sr Powertrain Engineer


  • Dave Lyons

    Sr Advisor - Powertrain

  • Paul Montgomery

    Vehicle Designer

  • Robert Palin

    Head of Aerodynamics

  • Richard Bishop

    Business Development

  • Chris Bossi


Our Values

Revolutionizing the Way the World Builds Heavy Trucks

Radical Optimism

We are fully invested in the idea that collectively we can create a thriving sustainable world where both the freight and transportation industries have a positive impact on communities, people, and our planet.

Always Centered

We have an incredible opportunity to reimagine what it means to build heavy vehicles. By centering the needs of our drivers, workers, and pedestrians together with the impact our vehicles have on the planet, we will create something radically new for the industry and our planet.

Deep Interest

Reimagining a centuries-old industry requires imagination and innovation that has not been seen for a generation. We are always learning and educating ourselves to build the best vehicles we can while having the most beneficial impact.

Dignity & Respect

We believe that everyone involved in every step of the process of reimagining and creating the vehicles that will have a lasting, positive impact on the planet and our industry are deserving of dignity and respect and we strive every day to do right by all of our employees, contractors, partners, suppliers, investors and and customers.

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Join the Team that’s Revolutionizing the Freight Transportation Industry

Come join an incredible team of alumni from Waymo, Tesla, BMW, Ford, Faraday Futures, Rivian, and more. We’re backed by leading investors including Trucks VC, Maniv Mobility, and Wireframe Ventures.