Special Projects Group

We are pioneers of revolutionary change.
We are guiding industries into the future by developing and deploying world-class solutions for intelligence propulsion, offering both electrification and autonomy engineering to companies worldwide.

Our Mission

Adapting and applying Terraline’s technology and expertise for unique projects

The Terraline Special Projects Group, a division of Terraline, is a dedicated team of vehicle specialists with a deep background in electromobility, autonomy, and intelligent propulsion systems. The team adapts Terraline’s technology and applies Terraline’s expertise to unique projects.

Our Vehicle Technology Pillars

Electromobility Development

Over the last fifteen years, our team has been at the forefront of electrification working on over 20 different battery-electric vehicles on the road. Today we partner with companies to engineer zero-emission solutions to meet their needs.

Autonomy Hardware Engineering

Our team has successfully engineered, built, and deployed six different fully autonomous vehicles onto public roads. We work with our partners to create and deploy autonomous vehicles to address a range of requirements.

Our Values

Autonomy and Electromobility Design & Engineering Capabilities

Autonomy Hardware Engineering

AV Systems Engineering

Autonomous Vehicle Design

Autonomous hardware integration

Autonomous System Requirements

Autonomous Fail Operational and Fail Safe System Redundancy Design and Engineering

AV sensor field of view analysis

Embedded Software Engineering

Power Electronics Design and Engineering

Electromobility Development

EV Powertrain Engineering

EV Battery Design

Thermal Systems Architecture and Design Engineering

EV Software Design

EV Controls

High-Voltage System Architecture and Power Distribution Design

Low-Voltage System Architecture and Power Distribution Design

EV Systems Engineering

 Vehicle Engineering

Vehicle Exterior and Interior Design Engineering

Vehicle BIW, Frame, and Structures Design Engineering

Vehicle packaging and optimization

Plastics and composites expertise

Our leadership has been at the forefront of the two most significant advancements in vehicle technology in the last fifty years: mass electrification and autonomous operations. We are now utilizing the technology and expertise at the core of Terraline to support the efforts of other companies to move into the future.

The Terraline SPG Team has worked on over 20 of the most revolutionary vehicles from the last 15 years bringing all of that expertise to your project’s needs whether it’s electrifying a current vehicle, updating an existing vehicle for autonomous operation, or engineering something entirely new that builds on all of Terraline’s experience.